Saturday 4 April 2020

Primaris Salamanders - 250 Points

I started painting these guys back in January, but I am not very good at sticking to projects and so here they still were unpainted in April. My husband and I are doing a "slow grow" 250 points at a time, I was going to do Word Bearers, as I need to paint those too, but then Games Workshop released Adrax Agatone and I therefore was obliged to do a Salamanders Primaris army.

These 250 points were supposed to be painted in January, but now we are on government mandated lockdown I finally got round to finishing them.
Primaris Infiltrators
These are Infiltrators, there are 5 of them. Primaris guys cost quite a lot of points.
I started by buying the "start collecting vanguard" box so you'll be seeing more of the miniatures from there in the fullness of time.

Adrax Agatone
And then there is this guy. It is slightly ridiculous to have him in a 250 point patrol detachment, but I don't care, he's cool and he has a cool hammer and a cool cape.

Adrax Agatone - Rear
I quite liked painting his cape, though I'm glad I don't have to repeat the process because it was a lot of making stuff up as I went along. I really like how it came out, though.

Maybe I'll finish the miniatures I planned to paint in March before it is, in fact, May.

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