Saturday 13 November 2021

Harlequin Kill Team

Harlequin Kill Team: Group Shot
The new version of kill team has been out for a little while now, and I think it's a really fun game. 
My first few games, I played with some of my Chaos Space Marines, and whilst they are still cool, I've wanted an excuse to paint some harlequins, and this seemed like a good excuse.

Leader with Power Sword and Neuro Disruptor
I did not batch paint any of these models, which I really enjoyed because I mostly hate batch painting.
I also used a different secondary colour on each model, because I think that's fun.

Leader: Back
Painting all the freehand diamonds was equal parts frustrating and satisfying, I do think they came out pretty well though. The power sword on this guy was also pretty experimental, I quite like how it came out.

Player with Harlequin's Kiss
This one is the first one I painted, so he is my "concept" model I guess, I like the fact that you can use a bunch of the different melee options in Kill Team, it makes the models more individual.

Player with Harlequin's Blade
Taking photos of these was hard, because I want to be able to focus on all the different parts, but I am not good enough at cameras for that.

Player: Back
I have a new phone with quite a nice camera though so I think with a bit more practice I'll do fairly well. I have not edited these pictures except to crop them, whereas on previous models posted I have done various colour corrections.

Player with Harlequin's Blade
I'm also using a game board and a background from a white dwarf rather than a lightbox, which makes the photos look interesting and is also I think why the colours have stayed more "true", but I am not technical enough to know for sure.

Gunner with Fusion Pistol and Harlequin's Blade
A lot of my harlequins have blades, I think they might be the best all round melee option for them, but I have not actually played a game with them yet.

Gunner: Back
I have only built and painted eight Harlequins so far, one full fire team with no options. I have two more boxes of unbuilt Harlequins so that once I have played a game with them, I will be able to sensibly add models to their roster, rather than just building stuff randomly

Player with Harlequin's Embrace
I am only planning on making a roster of seventeen Harlequins, because they come in boxes of six, and each box makes a leader, and sensibly you only want two leaders on your roster, both with power swords but each with a different pistol.

Player with Harlequin's Blade
This Harlequin had my favourite pose, so I painted her with my favourite colour for her secondary, I also realise I did not take a good photo of the left side of her face.

Player: Back
I do like how the coats turned out on the ones with coats, the split design is cool though I do say so myself. I think maybe I copied it from the box, but I don't actually remember.

Player with Harlequin's Embrace
I enjoyed these models as a project, and I am looking forward to playing a game or two with them, and then building and painting some more. I am already running out of colours, though.

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