About the Author

Many people describe themselves with assertions that they are not like other people. Whilst that is generally true it isn't particularly useful, all people are different, what I find interesting about people is the things we have in common. So here are a few things you may have in common with me:

- I enjoy games. Video, board, roleplay or tabletop, I just like to play.
- To that end, I collect various miniatures which I also very much enjoy assembling and painting.
- I live in England, Essex to be specific although I grew up and lived very recently in The North.
- I don't have any pets, because I live in a rented flat. I wish I could have pets.
- I do have a child, and have had one for 5 years now.
- Nevertheless I do not define myself solely by motherhood, a position that somewhat alienates me in some spaces.
- I suffer on occasion from social anxiety, and find new people and situations quite challenging.
- I am married to my best friend. I do not find him challenging at all.