Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Malifaux: The Crossroads Seven

These were so fun to paint! I love painting individual models that have character, and that's what this box is all about. Each one took me longer than average, but I think it was worth it looking at them all together. The seven deadly sins theme is neat, and it was interesting what they did for each one.


Their glorious leader, I should have painted his spirits before I glued him on, but I didn't because I never do. He looks scared not angry, probably his lack of eyebrows. Maybe I should have given him some angry eyebrows.


She is my favourite. I love how her hair turned out, I love her tiny violin, and I just think she is such a cool sculpt.


Another rock chick, I like the ombre effect I got on her hair. Girls are always my favourite to paint because I think I am better at their faces.


This guy does not fit on his base. Wyrd like doing that. 


Snake! I enjoyed painting this guy far more than I thought I would, mostly because of the snake. The tiny dolls on the drum are also cute.


Zombie man is zombielike. His shovel/guitar amuses me.


Giant walking organ that is also a minigun, because why not? I have done tiny music on his music sheet as well, but I couldn't get a picture of that without spoiling the view of the rest of the model.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Malifaux: Children of December

Rasputina, chosen of December, and her cult of crazy cannibals. What's not to like? I've wanted to paint these for ages, and have had Rasputina's alt model in the back of my cabinet, but I just recently found the budget to acquire the rest of her things, I've based them on the same bases as the rest of my Malifaux miniatures, but I've added some snow flock to make them look a bit more wintery.


This is by far my favourite sculpt of Raspy, I didn't even build the plastic that came in her box, because floating ice witch.


Rasputina's totem required me to paint an entire model as its base, the crazy little dude that he is. He's kinda awesome though so I'll let him off.

Snow Storm

I think I did a good job on Storm's face, he's the big one. There is a lot of green stuff in this model, but it worked in the end.

Acolytes of December

These chicks were kind of fiddly, both to build and paint, but they look quite neat. 

Silent Ones

I really like the crouching one, the standing one is making a rather rude gesture. I think they both came our quite well though.

Ice Golem

This guy is huge, he barely fits on his base. So much cooler than the old metal ice golem who was kind of weedy looking, this one looks like he could punch someone's face off.

Ice Gamin

These are the opposite of the golem, in that they are tiny. I kept thinking I was going to break them with my paint brush.


Because every post needs an unthemed miniature at the end or something. I have also finished painting Hans. I like his tiny cigarette, and also that he kind of looks like Vash the Stampede if he had chosen a more sensible coat.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Malifaux: Kaeris

My metal Kaeris miniature is one of my favourites, she is the reason I agreed to play Malifaux at all some years ago. I haven't bought her new plastic box and so I haven't titled this post with its name, but I do have all the things that would be in it, if not the exact models.


My pictures have come out dark today, I think it's due to it being night, and so there is no extra sunlight coming in. I really like how her wings turned out, I stuck to the gold of the old artwork rather than the new paler wings she has gained, as they match her story better and also I like gold.

Eternal Flame

I thought I was going to have to but the box to get this one even though the Malifaux Child is probably better with Kaeris, but then the Malifaux Raptors were released with a special edition stickered box containing a random mini from Burning Revelation, so I bought them (Raptors are cool) and was lucky enough to get the totem. In dayglow orange, but I painted over that.

Malifaux Child

A mercenary totem, but I bought him for Kaeris really. Small children probably shouldn't play with rusty hand scythes.


I love this miniature, it's so much cooler than the standard one. Also I think I did a good job on the paint.

Fire Gamin

Not too much to say about these, they're Gamin, they're made of fire. 


He's in here because he's M&SU and Kaeris is my last M&SU master. I like this old metal much better than the new plastic one, who is some kind of giant man. Johanna is cool, but also hard to get.