Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Horus Heresy: 500 points of Salamanders

Last month I painted 500 points of Salamanders because me and Phil are doing a Horus Heresy escalation campaign, we started with 500 points for February, and we'll be increasing it by 250 points a month.
I haven't posted anything on here in almost three years apparently, but I'm very pleased with how these came out so I'm posting again.

This is my Delegatus, at less than 1000 points he is the only way to have a rite of war, and I really like my rite of war so here he is! I really like his power axe. I also couldn't pick an angle to photograph him from so here's two more pictures:

Pyroclasts are really cool, so I am starting with five of them. We're playing the zone mortalis ruleset for our first few games, and their combination melta/flamethrowers work really well there. I love these models, I'll be painting five more this month.

Breacher Marines
Breachers, because I need a compulsory troops choice. the black still shows through the gradient on a few of their shields, but I really liked the gradient so I didn't want to go over it again. I'll put a better basecoat down next time I am painting this sort of thing. Their sergeant has a third party shield to help to mark him out.

So that's my first 500 points of salamanders, I have many, many more salamander models so I should be able to keep on escalating for a while before I run out.

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