Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Malifaux: Kaeris

My metal Kaeris miniature is one of my favourites, she is the reason I agreed to play Malifaux at all some years ago. I haven't bought her new plastic box and so I haven't titled this post with its name, but I do have all the things that would be in it, if not the exact models.


My pictures have come out dark today, I think it's due to it being night, and so there is no extra sunlight coming in. I really like how her wings turned out, I stuck to the gold of the old artwork rather than the new paler wings she has gained, as they match her story better and also I like gold.

Eternal Flame

I thought I was going to have to but the box to get this one even though the Malifaux Child is probably better with Kaeris, but then the Malifaux Raptors were released with a special edition stickered box containing a random mini from Burning Revelation, so I bought them (Raptors are cool) and was lucky enough to get the totem. In dayglow orange, but I painted over that.

Malifaux Child

A mercenary totem, but I bought him for Kaeris really. Small children probably shouldn't play with rusty hand scythes.


I love this miniature, it's so much cooler than the standard one. Also I think I did a good job on the paint.

Fire Gamin

Not too much to say about these, they're Gamin, they're made of fire. 


He's in here because he's M&SU and Kaeris is my last M&SU master. I like this old metal much better than the new plastic one, who is some kind of giant man. Johanna is cool, but also hard to get.

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