Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Malifaux: The Crossroads Seven

These were so fun to paint! I love painting individual models that have character, and that's what this box is all about. Each one took me longer than average, but I think it was worth it looking at them all together. The seven deadly sins theme is neat, and it was interesting what they did for each one.


Their glorious leader, I should have painted his spirits before I glued him on, but I didn't because I never do. He looks scared not angry, probably his lack of eyebrows. Maybe I should have given him some angry eyebrows.


She is my favourite. I love how her hair turned out, I love her tiny violin, and I just think she is such a cool sculpt.


Another rock chick, I like the ombre effect I got on her hair. Girls are always my favourite to paint because I think I am better at their faces.


This guy does not fit on his base. Wyrd like doing that. 


Snake! I enjoyed painting this guy far more than I thought I would, mostly because of the snake. The tiny dolls on the drum are also cute.


Zombie man is zombielike. His shovel/guitar amuses me.


Giant walking organ that is also a minigun, because why not? I have done tiny music on his music sheet as well, but I couldn't get a picture of that without spoiling the view of the rest of the model.

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